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DoneNov 29, 2008 12:20 PM EST
Columbus, OH, United States
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Garth's Thanksgiving Americana Auction

Forty Eighth Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Auction Items From: The Forty Year Collection of Charles E. & Barbara K. Randau Royal Oak, Michigan Items From the Collections of: The Late Don Jansen, Columbus, Ohio; Anna Rue Hall, Dayton, Ohio; Fine & Vintage Autos From The Estate of Charles A. Cummings, Franklin County Probate #530009 with Estate Group of Ohio, Ltd. as agent; Plus Additions Catalogue Available: Pair of Catalogs Illustrating Garth's 48th Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Auctions $30.00, sold individually, $20.00 (Includes Realized Price List) Absentee and fax bids accepted and bid competitively. For your convenience, a bid form is provided in the back of the catalog. It is to your advantage, as well as ours, for you to call a day or two before the auction. On the premises of: GARTH'S AUCTIONS, INC. 2690 Stratford Rd., PO Box 369 Delaware, Ohio 43015 Phone: 740-362-4771 Fax: 740-363-0164 Visit us at our Web site Email: Auctioneers: Auctioneers: Jeff Jeffers, Steve Bemiller and Andrew Richmond Apprentice Auctioneer: Amelia Jeffers Photography by B. Vartan Boyajian and Rob Manko. ©COPYRIGHT Garth's Auctions, Inc. 2008
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COURTING MIRROR.: COURTING MIRROR. New England, late 18th century, pine with good old surface. Shaped crest has reverse glass painted flower basket. Original mirror has copper wheel engraved flowers and two lovebirds
0073: COURTING MIRROR.Est. $900-$1,200See Sold Price
PAIR OF CHALK DOVES.: PAIR OF CHALK DOVES. American, 2nd half-19th century. Original paint. White doves perched on cherry branch bases. 10 1/2"h.
0078: PAIR OF CHALK DOVES.Est. $900-$1,200See Sold Price
CHALK PINE CONE GARNITURE.: CHALK PINE CONE GARNITURE. American, probably Pennsylvania, 2nd half-19th century. Decorative pine cone with good original paint. Edge damage on base. 8 3/4"h.
0079: CHALK PINE CONE GARNITURE.Est. $600-$900
See Sold Price
CHALK POODLE.: CHALK POODLE. American, 2nd half-19th century. Standing poodle with original brown paint. 5 1/2"h. Ex Dorothy Murphy (Michigan).
0080: CHALK POODLE.Est. $200-$400See Sold Price
CHALK DOG.: CHALK DOG. American, 2nd half-19th century. Standing poodle with original tan paint. 6 1/2"h.
0081: CHALK DOG.Est. $200-$300See Sold Price
CHALK FIGURE OF GIRL.: CHALK FIGURE OF GIRL. Pennsylvania, 2nd half-19th century. Full-length girl in pantaloons with original red paint. 9 3/4"h. Ex Bea Cohen (Pennsylvania).
0082: CHALK FIGURE OF GIRL.Est. $800-$1,200See Sold Price
CHALK CAT.: CHALK CAT. American, 2nd half-19th century. Seated cat with original paint. Minor wear. 6 1/2"h. Ex Don and Faith Bronson (Michigan).
0083: CHALK CAT.Est. $300-$500See Sold Price
CHALK CAT.: CHALK CAT. American, probably Pennsylvania, 2nd half-19th century. Seated cat with original brown spots. Some wear. 5 1/4"h.
0084: CHALK CAT.Est. $200-$300See Sold Price
TWO CHALK DOGS.: TWO CHALK DOGS. American, 2nd half-19th century. Seated poodle with bold black spots in original paint. Glued repair. 5 1/2"h. And a small reclining spaniel with black and red paint. 3"h.
0085: TWO CHALK DOGS.Est. $200-$400See Sold Price
CHALK CAT.: CHALK CAT. American, 20th century. Small seated cat with original bright colors including a green collar. 5"h.
0086: CHALK CAT.Est. $100-$300See Sold Price
CHALK BIRD.: CHALK BIRD. American, 2nd half-19th century. Songbird with original paint. 4"h.
0087: CHALK BIRD.Est. $150-$350See Sold Price
MINIATURE BLANKET CHEST.: MINIATURE BLANKET CHEST. Possibly New England, early-mid 19th century, pine six-board chest with original dark blue paint with dry surface. Cut-out feet. Lid has staple hinges and wrought iron hasp.
0088: MINIATURE BLANKET CHEST.Est. $300-$500See Sold Price
CHALK ANGEL.: CHALK ANGEL. American, 2nd half-19th century. Kneeling angel with good original yellow and green paint. 7 1/2"h.
0089: CHALK ANGEL.Est. $400-$600See Sold Price
COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE SIDE CHAIR.: COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE SIDE CHAIR. New England, possibly Massachusetts, mid-late 18th century, mixed wood. Vasiform splat, turned legs and front stretcher. Spanish feet. Old black paint has appropriate
0090: COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE SIDE CHAIR.Est. $400-$600See Sold Price
MULE CHEST.: MULE CHEST. American, late 18th century, poplar and chestnut. Lift-top chest having two false drawers over two working drawers with old, if not original, brasses. Older mellow refinishing. Some
0091: MULE CHEST.Est. $700-$900See Sold Price
FRAKTUR.: FRAKTUR. Attributed to the Mahantongo Valley Artist, Pennsylvania, ca.1826-1850. Watercolor on paper birth certificate copied after the style of period printed fraktur. Records a birth in 1818
0092: FRAKTUR.Est. $600-$1,000See Sold Price
COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE SIDE CHAIR.: COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE SIDE CHAIR. New England, possibly Connecticut, 18th century, mixed woods. Carved "1720" on splat. Black paint with decorative gold striping dates from the late 19th century. Worn
0093: COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE SIDE CHAIR.Est. $300-$400See Sold Price
REDWARE LOAF PAN.: REDWARE LOAF PAN. Pennsylvania, mid 19th century. Deep pan with coggled rim and yellow slip decoration. Some surface flaking. 3 1/2"h. 11 1/2" x 17 1/2". Ex Jo Ashby (Ohio)
0095: REDWARE LOAF PAN.Est. $800-$1,200See Sold Price
SCHNERENSCHNITTE.: SCHNERENSCHNITTE. Attributed to Pennsylvania, mid 19th century. Well-done paper cut-out of two distlefinks in a floral medallion. 10"d., in a gilt frame, 16 1/4" x 16 1/4". Ex H. George Bickelmann
0096: SCHNERENSCHNITTE.Est. $400-$800
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